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13 Aug 2017


My last travel adventure was Albania. My first visit there. As you know there are many ways to discover a new destination Рthrough its nature, history and of course cuisine.   Maybe here is the point where
30 Nov 2016

18 Days traveling-3 continents, 5 Countries, all transports! The process explained or – HOW TO PLAN a trip?

I am going to start this upside down… We are home. Almost sure we got nothing else but a small cold and few mosquito bites. It was fun! It was interesting! A lot of both! And now
8 Nov 2016

Panasonic G7H – Our latest and greatest!

So it is finally here!!! We ordered a new camera for our new upcoming trip and it did arrive! What did we take? Panasonic DMC-G7H 14-140 Now – lets discuss on WHY did we choose this one.
30 Oct 2016

Why travel blogging?

Haya,   if you are reading this most probably you like to travel. So do I. And so do most of my friends. After many trips and a little organization here and there people started asking me