My first drone – Baby Quadcopter Fayee FY804

Everyone is into drones these days. I think this is the new tech mania for this year. Newer and newer models coming out on such a low price – a toy you can barely resist!

So of course, as every self-respecting gadget freak, I started moaning about such! Searched over all Chinese websites I put an eye on a few but never ordered any.

And there comes Christmas! Santa knew I was quite nice this year so made him way to our tree to leave me my first drone!

As is is supposed to be for a first drone – it was a baby drone!!! You can literally hold it in your palm and fly it in home. If you can fly drones…

So – what you receive when you open the box is a nice joystick case which has a little transparent lid underneath which is the drone. Pretty much – all in one box. Quite easy to carry with yourself if you are going to use it outside the house – you can even put it in your pocket! For people like me that have a little or no experience with flying such things – it has bumpers you can add to protect the propellers. I could say the build quality is quite good and it is “cat-proof” :).

The battery lasts approximately 5-6 minutes of “flying” which in my case means – attempt after attempt to not totally smash it in the wall but just slightly leave it to drop on the ground. Than you charge it during fast lunch and it is ready to play again. I would say for such a small toy – it performs great! You just need to either already know how to fly drones OR maybe start with a bigger one. Everyone said that to me! I am so bad at flying this one that all my walls are now speaking about it daily!

Take a look at the first attempts we made with it:

Only thing you need to be careful is HAIR! You need to clean it quite often in case it touches the couch or the rugs. Also – fly it away from ladies! We did not have the opportunity to play with this toy for really long as probably a week after Christmas it got stuck in my roomies hair and that was the end of it`s happy life. Now my small Fayee rides one-sided and does not want to get off the ground.

But I am sure a new one will come before Santa makes his way here in 2017!

See you soon!



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