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13 Aug 2017


My last travel adventure was Albania. My first visit there. As you know there are many ways to discover a new destination Рthrough its nature, history and of course cuisine.   Maybe here is the point where
11 Jan 2017

My first drone – Baby Quadcopter Fayee FY804

Everyone is into drones these days. I think this is the new tech mania for this year. Newer and newer models coming out on such a low price – a toy you can barely resist! So of
30 Oct 2016

Why travel blogging?

Haya,   if you are reading this most probably you like to travel. So do I. And so do most of my friends. After many trips and a little organization here and there people started asking me
28 Oct 2016

About The Blog

Dear all,   Welcome! It was about time to create a space to share some experience and thoughts related to our living on our Planet – traveling, the food we eat, the way we settle our body