Arabian nights, good food, a rich culture and beautiful landscape deserts, there is absolutely no reason not visit this part of the world.


In the CGD HQ we always dream away with all those beautiful destinations in the world and this week these 4 fairy tale countries made us want to pack our suitcase immediately and book the first plane to that side of the world.

If you still need some holiday inspiration for this summer, we got it covered for you. It is Fly Away Friday so enjoy these 4 beautiful Arab countries.

#1 – Jordan


A safe country in the middle of conflict. Jordan is a beautiful and welcoming country with many things to see and do. The rich history of this country makes that we still can enjoy a bit of the past today and with Petra, one of the seven world wonders, this country is definitely a must see.


#2 – Oman


Oman is another must-visit country in the Arab world. The golden deserts, stunning beaches and colorful architecture are just some reasons why this must be your next holiday destination.


#3 – United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Probably the hottest holiday destination for most Western countries, UAE. With Dubai as the main hotspot. Most of us have been there or know people who have visited this beautiful city. The palm shaped island, aquarium and the Burj Khalifa are just a few of the things to see and do.

One hour drive you find Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, that has one of the most beautiful Mosque’s in the world, definitely a must visit.

#4 -Morocco


Although in Africa, in terms of culture this country belongs to Arab countries. Morocco is a one of the countries that becomes more and more popular by year. A lot of celebs already discovered this gem, and buy houses in beautiful cities like Marrakesh. Visit the Souks, the colorful markets with lots of pure products, fruits and Moroccan jewelry. If you are a surfer, Agadir is the place to be and if you are more into history visiting a Fez is an absolute must-do!



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